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MBT is one of the largest system integrators in Romania for large border, special areas, buildings and general security projects, providing design production and installation of Hi-Tech equipment with the following components:
International Certifications
Environmental Management System
ISO 14001:2004
Occupational Health And Safety System
OHSAS 18001:2007
Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008
Video surveillance and traffic management system for border crossing points with automatic license plates recognition and automatic traffic flow management.
Manufacturer of truck and container X ray / Gamma ray imaging systems (own patent and know-how)
Large Scale Integrated Border Security Projects - Main integrator for the Romanian Customs Border Security Integrated System with implementation on more than 2000 external European Union borders

Integrated Airport and Seaport Security Solutions

EDS (CT and multiview) for hold baggage screening
Conventional X-Ray equipment for baggage, parcel and cargo
Explosives and narcotics trace detection
Metal detectors for checkpoint security
Questioned document and forensic evidence examination
Contraband detectors
CBRN equipment
Complete counter-IED solutions
Computer-Based Training Software and inert IED for security operator training
Biometric identification and database administration
Products  - ROBOSCAN Aeria
ROBOSCAN 2M AERIA is the very first solution for aircraft security inspection according to the company's patented design, intended to scan aircrafts ranging from small private jets to medium-sized commercial airplanes, giving the operator the capability to detect threats, illegal or undeclared goods.

The scanning process is remotely operated inside airport premises with minimal impact for routine operations, without any human exposure to ionising radiations. Currently, the passengers and their luggage are thoroughly inspected but auxiliary services and private jets, especially those arriving from small private airports with low security level, can be an important vector for contraband with weapons, narcotics and currency and so far security officers could do very little to fight against it.

ROBOSCAN 2M AERIA is a unique tool, closing this gap in aviation security, allowing scanning in minutes the entire aircraft without crew or passengers on board.

The process is fully automated. Radiography detects any object with a resolution of 0.5 mm.
The International Exhibition of Invention of Geneva (www.inventions-geneva.ch) is the oldest and most prestigious international inventions Fair in the world, having a jury consisted of 82 members (the finest scholars of the world from all fields of technology) that unanimously decided that Roboscan is the newest and technologically advanced mobile imaging system in the world. At the exhibition held in Geneva participated 725 inventors from 45 countries.

It was for the first time in the history of the Geneva show that the Grand Prix to go the same inventor for the second time, MB Telecom. MB Telecom was awarded previously the Grand Prix in 2009, receiving the prize for the best invention in the world for their “Roboscan 1M”, a multi-level vehicle inspection concept designed for efficient primary screening of vehicles and trucks, that can be fully scanned at speeds of up to 15km/h.
Roboscan Aeria has won the Grand Prix at the 41st edition of the International Exhibition of Inventions - 2013
ROBOSCAN 1M is a nonintrusive inspection system capable to realize in seconds the radiography of a car, truck, container or any other object of similar size. It is the only system in the world fully operated by one single operator, totally eliminating the risk of professional and accidental irradiation. The operator remotely controls all processes from a Mobile Control Centre, placed outside of the exclusion area, by using WLAN technologies. All the operations, including transmission, brakes and steering are automatically controlled from a safe distances. ROBOSCAN is almost three times lighter than any other competitor product, is the most automated, flexible and versatile mobile Gamma scanner available in the world market now and can provide additional inspection by detecting radioactive materials in the scanned cargoo and generating an underside video image, extremely useful for a better nderstanding of the radiography, as well as to determinate if additional objects where attached on the underside of the vehicle with fraudulent intention.
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